Stuck what to get your mum for mothers day?

Find the perfect ethical Oxfam Unwrapped gifts this Mothers Day at Oxfam Music Southampton. The gifts come in the form of a card that represents the kind of Oxfam project your money contributes to:

You can Give girls a head start. Get more girls out of the house and into the classroom. This gift will help increase school attendance and reduce drop-out rates by paying for the clothing, books and facilities girls need to get learning. It will also help to convince communities and governments that girls’ education really pays dividends. “for just £17” 

You can Protect women. They play a vital role in keeping their communities safe, but many women face the daily threat of violence. Oxfam’s campaign aims to change attitudes towards domestic violence across Nepal and South Asia. “for just £30”

And you can Train a businesswomen. In many countries women are made to feel that commerce is literally none of their business. This gift gives them the skills they need to succeed. It’s got the works: training in bookkeeping, negotiation, marketing and setting up a co-operative all they need to demonstrate that they’re the business “for just £27” 

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Don’t forget tomorrow 5pm - 8pm we’re putting on a Unplugged show in goblets

With local bands 

Our Time Down Here 

Jackie Paper (Of Thomas Tantrum) 

Jack Willlams 

Aaron Ballard 

Free entry but donations will be gratefully appreciated 


180 Above Bar Street


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The Forgotten Crisis in East Africa.

Latest video highlighting the ongoing crisis in East Africa from Oxfam the following is a statement from Oxfam BG about the situation:

The crisis in East Africa is a strong example of a food system stretched to breaking point. We can fix this system, and it’s vital we do so now.

We knew the failing rains would affect farmers and communities, yet people in power haven’t done enough to protect them. Now their lives and livelihoods are being devastated. Small-scale food producers haven’t received investment to help them through this difficult time, and plans made to protect vulnerable people were not good enough. The price of food has risen beyond the reach of many and, because their needs have been ignored for so long, there’s not enough for them to eat and nowhere for them to turn.

Responding to the East Africa crisis and saving lives now is vital. But this is also a wakeup call to governments and the international community: we need to address the issues that make people vulnerable in the first place. The crisis in East Africa, like in many other parts of the world, is the result of recurring long-term problems – problems that will become more frequent and more severe as issues such as climate change get worse.

We need more investment in small-scale food producers to be able to cope with a changing climate, as well as in generating sustainable livelihoods. Communities must have a say in the decisions that affect them, and better support must be put in place to protect vulnerable people. It’s no coincidence that the worst affected by this crisis are those who have been most neglected.

The resources and solutions exist to ensure that no one goes hungry. But the current food system is failing to feed nearly one in seven of us. In the short term we must react to this emergency. In the long term we must make the food system work for everyone.

Oxfam is working with others to respond to this emergency, but also to ensure that more is done to address the root causes of crises like this. We understand that the System’s bust. The GROW campaign is Oxfam’s global movement of people uniting to fix it. Piece-by-piece, it’s time for change.

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Oxfam. What springs to mind?

Charity shops and second-hand clothes?

Donkeys from our Oxfam Unwrapped gift catalogue, bought for people in far-flung lands?

They’re part of the picture.

But think bigger.

Much bigger…

Learn more

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Got any spare time on your hands? Want to make a difference? Like working in team? If so have you ever thought about volunteering with Oxfam Music Southampton.

We’re looking for volunteers to help us out with in the shop. If you are interested please ether phone us on 02380236581, Email us at or just pop in to the shop to have a chat with us. We’re located right at the top of East Street opposite Argos. We hope to hear from you soon. :) 

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